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Very easy to use, Rentamax helps you calculate financial estimates for an optimal retirement.

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Follow the instructions on the website and answer a few simple, short questions.

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Rentamax suggests many parameters to help you personalize your investment choices.

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Rentamax sends you a detailed report on your financial plan at no cost and with no obligation.

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Need help? The experts Rentamax has selected are readily available to answer all your questions.

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Are you leaning more in favor of capital than regular retirement income for your retirement? Rentamax’s mission is to help you make the right choices for a secure retirement.

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Complete confidentiality

All information is sent to Rentamax in an anonymized and secure form: this is our number one priority. You can even use Rentamax and create your financial plan with a simple email address without providing your name or contact information.

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Our experts at your side

The experts carefully selected by Rentamax are readily available to answer all your questions: they will help you optimize your retirement and investments. Wealth managers or financial advisors, these independent experts are professionals certified by FINMA.

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Responsible investments

Regardless of their scope, Rentamax’s optimization solutions are designed to be good for the planet and its population. They consist of innovative projects managed by companies whose social, environmental and ethical objectives are clearly stated.

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Investor news

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Retirement: truly understanding one’s pension benefits

Where can you find the capital your pension fund has estimated on your second-pillar (occupational pension) certificate?

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What can I do if I’m self-employed?

To secure a happy retirement, you should build up capital right away.

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Investing in real estate for retirement?

Real estate was the best possible choice 20 to 30 years ago. Today, it’s a bit more complicated.

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At what age should I start thinking about retirement?

You should start preparing for retirement as early as possible. At the age of 20, you can already invest in the third pillar (private pension contributions). Tax savings.

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My privacy protection

Can I close my account at any time?

Yes. Go to the “My account” menu. Click on the “Delete my account” link and click on OK. Your personal information as well as the information in your proposals will be permanently deleted.

Is my personal information secure?

For RENTAMAX , the confidentiality of your personal information is a key priority. We do not share anything with anyone at any time.

My investment security

How can I be sure that I will recover my initial capital in the future?

When you lend money to someone, you always run a risk that they won’t be able to repay you. This risk depends on the quality of the borrowing company. All the issuers that RENTAMAX works with have operated for a long time on high-potential growth “real markets”. They are secure and trustworthy, and have never defaulted on their payments or reimbursements to date.

Is investing risky? Will I lose money?

You always run certain risks when you invest. However, by investing, you may also make money! It is important for us to ensure that you have all the information you need to understand the risk associated with your strategy. The financial reports published by independent certified professionals that you will receive with your RENTAMAX offer will help you understand this risk, while evaluating the benefits of an investment. Furthermore, the partner financial experts, certified by FINMA, will advise you transparently, fully and professionally.

Is the payment of my interest rates guaranteed?

The issuers, i.e., the companies that borrow, have operated for a long time on high-potential growth “real markets”. They therefore have never defaulted on their payments to date.

What impact can inflation have on my investments?

Inflation per se does not impact the investments in question. However, the higher the interest rates decided by central banks rise, the more existing fixed-rate bonds lose their attractivity in comparison. Upon maturity of the bond, the nominal amount repaid will have lost its purchasing power in proportion to the increase in prices.

My investments and their rate of return

Can I recover all or part of my investment after a few years if I need to?

Once the investment is made, the invested capital is locked in until the end of the project. You will not be able to resell the securities and recover your money before the agreement’s end date. N.B. You may be able to resell your bonds to a third party, but this is not automatic.

Does Rentamax suggest funds?

The partner issuers RENTAMAX works with only offer unlisted bonds. Other liquid investments that are listed on the stock market are at times proposed to allow for an appropriate creation of liquidity in the projections and optimizations prepared by RENTAMAX’s algorithm.

How and to which company must my funds be paid?

The certified financial expert you will be in contact with will clearly explain the investment process. Generally, the transactions flow through the banking system to offer you maximum protection.

How does RENTAMAX select the investment products?

The investment criteria are based on Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) and the sustainable nature of the solutions offered by the issuing companies that RENTAMAX works with. The companies are very transparent in terms of their accounting, business model, shareholder structure, management, etc. They must be willing to undergo an independent, detailed and thorough analysis.

Is this a good time to invest?

No one can predict the best time to purchase or sell investments. That is why you must always look at the long term when you invest. In any event, it is never the right time to hold back from investing and to leave capital dormant and not earn any interest. One of our independent FINMA-certified partner experts can provide you with information.

The rate of return for some securities can equal up to 8%. How is this possible?

We scrupulously and carefully select the bond-issuing companies with which we work. They are the subject of very thorough financial analyses conducted by certified professionals. They have been stable and trustworthy for many years. Their business model is good, and their business is on a positive trend, even highly positive in the case of some issuers who can therefore offer high interest rates. Furthermore, as you cannot resell the bond before it is repaid, it is only normal that the lender is granted a better interest rate than those of listed bonds.

What exactly is an SRI company?

It is a company that voluntarily contributes to sustainable development objectives: it adopts practices that include social, environmental and ethical objectives in its business and strategy.

What investments do you propose?

Mainly bonds that are not listed on a stock exchange. They are not volatile, making them particularly attractive. The issuing companies that are RENTAMAX partners work totally independently from the stock markets, banks and insurance companies. Furthermore, we encourage issuers whose ecological and social impact is sustainable and positive.

What is a bond?

A bond is a debt security that represents a fraction of the issuing company’s debt (the issuer). With a bond issue, you lend your money to the issuer and benefit from an interest rate on the loan.

What is the advantage of an unlisted bond?

An unlisted bond is much more stable and less risky as it is not tied to the stock market and its fluctuations, which can be significant at times.

What is the process to invest in the products?

The optimization proposal that Rentamax provides does not allow for the direct acquisition of the investment products. These products are in fact anonymized. You must contact one of our partner experts who will provide you with details on the process, which is simple, clear and complies with the requirements of financial intermediary control authorities (FINMA). With regard to a bond loan, the issuer (the issuing company) and the subscriber (the investor) sign a bond agreement to formalize the loan, which sets out the maturity date and interest rate, in particular.

When can I recover my invested capital?

Once the investment has been made, the invested capital is locked in until the end of the agreement with the issuer (generally three to seven years). You will not be able to resell the securities and recover your money before the agreement’s end date. If you are satisfied with the strategy, you can subscribe for a new investment period with the same issuer.

When do I receive my interest payments and from whom?

The issuer pays the agreed interest into your bank account on regular intervals. Depending on the agreement, at least once per year, or every six months, every quarter or every month.

My investment parameters and criteria

Does an exchange risk exist?

Definitely. But this risk may result in a gain or a loss depending on the evolution of currency pairs.

Does RENTAMAX take tax advantages into account in its proposals?

If you pay taxes in Switzerland, some investments offer tax advantages. RENTAMAX will provide you with an optimal tax solution.

How can I calculate my monthly requirements for my retirement?

If you are not able to estimate the retirement income you want, simply indicate your current monthly income.

I don’t understand the question, “What is the level of risk you are willing to take?”.

When you invest, hard times may occur that cause losses (for example, fluctuations in value, investment losses, or simply the funds remain invested or locked in for a number of years). That’s the rule of the game. The risk capacity of investors is their ability to manage tough periods without depending on the capital they invested to be able to pay their everyday payment obligations. The less they depend on this capital, the more risks they can take. When this is the case, we say that the risk capacity is high.

I don’t understand the question, “What is the maximum percentage that a single investment could represent in terms of your total capital?”.

The maximum percentage of an investment is the % it represents in comparison to the total capital invested. By increasing this exposure, the number of securities invested in, and therefore the diversification of these securities, is therefore lesser. With an investment constituting 100% exposure, “all the eggs are in the same basket”. With a 50% exposure, the “eggs” are divided into two baskets.

I don’t understand this question, “From what source does the money you want to invest come from: an occupational pension fund or private pension fund?

The occupational pension fund (second pillar) is often the main source of income for retirees. The forecasted amount available is set out in the LPP (Swiss pension) certificate. The private pension fund (or third pillar), for its part, corresponds to your personal savings.

What is the maximum amount of monthly expenses to obtain a realistic yield?

A number of criteria are in play. It all depends on your age, gender and the date on which you want to receive your interest payment. In other words, how long the interest from your investments can be capitalized. The changes in interest rates for bonds over the years will also have a significant impact.

What is the minimum amount to be invested to receive a monthly retirement payment of CHF 5,000?

A number of criteria are in play. It all depends on your age, gender and the date on which you want to receive your interest payment. Obviously, the interest rates for unlisted bonds are also a determining factor.

What would the impact be if I choose to invest in another currency (euro or dollar)?

If you invest in a currency other than your own (theoretically, the Swiss franc), then you run an exchange risk. This risk may cause a loss (or a gain!) when you are repaid in the other currency at the bond’s maturity in comparison to your reference currency (theoretically, the Swiss franc).

Where can I find the amount available from my pension fund?

Your available pension is set out on your pension fund’s insurance certificate.

Why can’t I invest less than CHF 10,000?

Minimum capital of CHF 10,000 is required for calculations so we can provide you with an optimal financial plan.

Why must I provide my date of birth and tick M or F?

The investment proposal is calculated based on your life expectancy. It is therefore important to enter your date of birth and tick Male or Female.

Why should I exclude a currency (euro or dollar) from my investment?

By default, you have access to the products in every currency. However, you may decide to exclude some of them for personal reasons.

My pension fund

How does the Swiss second pillar (occupational pension) work?

The second pillar supplements the state pension (AVS) and allows an employee to build a pension of up to 60% of the last salary at the time of retirement (to provide more adequate income, more would be needed; for example, contributions to the third pillar (private pension fund)).

What are the advantages of being paid in capital rather than regular pension payments?

By collecting the capital, you will have more flexibility. The benefits include tax advantages, the wide variety of investment opportunities, stipulations regarding death benefits, etc. Regular pension payments are often considered to be very safe. However, these payments compared to available capital are continuing to decrease. We talk about a decrease in the conversion rate. It is also often possible to take part of the LPP in the form of capital and the other in the form of pension payments.

When can I collect my second pillar (occupational pension)?

The second pillar can be collected at the legal retirement age or, in general, up to five years before that date. You must then decide if you want to receive it as regular pension payments or as capital.

My investment proposal

How does Rentamax choose the products it proposes as investments?

Thanks to the unlisted bonds of the different debt-issuing companies with which we work, we can propose an optimized portfolio of investments that maximizes your interest while complying with each of your investment criteria.

In “My investment proposal”, why does the “capital” curve sometimes decrease over time?

This means that your monthly requirements are higher than your investment’s interest.

What do the different colors (green, orange and red) mean in the financial reports?

We wanted to make it very simple to understand the financial risk, as well as the social and environmental impact. The table below summarizes the color code used:
  Financial risk Social and environmental impact
Green Low High
Orange Average Average
Red High Low

What does the term “social and environmental impact” mean?

The socially responsible investment (SRI) process is somewhat like applying the sustainable development concept to financial investments. It consists in choosing to invest in companies that adopt concepts in their development model that are not solely financial, but also social and environmental. These companies comply with national laws and regulations, and have been certified for sustainability or ESG (environmental, social and governance).

What does “invest” mean?

To invest is to make one’s money work so that it bears interest.

How does RENTAMAX work?

How does RENTAMAX make a profit?

We receive commissions from the issuers when you invest. These commissions are not deducted from the capital you invest, but from the issuers’ ordinary profits. With RENTAMAX, each franc you invest works for you!

What companies does RENTAMAX work with?

Our partners are companies that operate “real”, tangible business: they do not belong to the financial sector. Their investment sector is sustainable or their technology favors sustainable eco-friendly development, recycling or stable segments (such as real estate). They are completely transparent in terms of their accounting, business model, shareholder structure and management, and they must be willing to answer an independent, detailed and thorough analysis; RENTAMAX has done the investigational work for you to select the best issuers for your investment.


It’s an online tool that lets you optimize your capital at no cost and with no obligation based on your own criteria by investing it in unlisted responsible bonds.

What is VMR Optimum SA?

It’s RENTAMAX’s parent company, founded in 2021 (with more than 35 years of experience in the field). It brings together unlisted debt issuers, FINMA-certified financial consultants (independent wealth managers and independent insurance brokers) and future investors. Its business started in Swiss Romandie. VMR Optimum SA works with companies that issue unlisted bonds outside of usual channels, independently from the stock markets, banks and insurance companies. It also encourages sustainable development.

What type of investment products does RENTAMAX use?

The debt-issuing companies RENTAMAX works with essentially offer unlisted bonds as they are not very volatile and are therefore relatively secure. They operate outside of the usual channels, independently from the stock market, banks and insurance companies. Furthermore, we encourage sustainable development, as well as renewable energy and microfinance opportunities.

Who uses Rentamax ?

Do I need to know much about finance?

No, financial knowledge is not a prerequisite. RENTAMAX is very easy to use and understand for everyone.

Who is RENTAMAX for?

As a priority, we target men and women over the age of 50 who reside in Switzerland, but anyone who resides in Switzerland and has or will have capital to invest is welcome.

Who uses RENTAMAX?

Any person who is domiciled in Switzerland may use RENTAMAX.

Do I have to pay any fees?

Are there any management fees when I invest with RENTAMAX?

It is totally free. However, our expert’s financing plan will be billed to you at the rate in effect for independent wealth managers, i.e., mostly on the basis of the value of your investments. Furthermore, the custodian bank (that will record and safeguard your investments for you) will have fees (purchase of securities, custodian fees, etc.). Our partner financial experts will present the best solutions to you.

How much does RENTAMAX cost?

It is free and non-binding.

My expert

Can my investment proposal be modified once the RENTAMAX expert has been contacted?

Absolutely! The FINMA-certified professional will read the proposal(s) you have chosen and will work on them with you based on your situation and profile.

I already have an advisor. How should I proceed?

The simplest way is to ask RENTAMAX’s certified financial expert and partner to contact your personal advisor to best assess your opportunities to invest in unlisted bonds. You can also write to RENTAMAX and provide us with your advisor’s contact information; he or she will be contacted so that certain products can be presented that your advisor may not be aware of and that he or she could recommend to you.

What happens if I click on, “Have an expert contact me”?

A window opens and lets you choose how you want to be contacted by the FINMA-certified expert professional: by email or by telephone. This expert will then advise you and assist you throughout the process to help you choose the investments that best suit your situation and profile.

Who are the experts you have chosen?

They are professionals in the financial consulting and finance sectors, well-known in the fields of investment and retirement, certified by FINMA. RENTAMAX’s experts are selected carefully. They are independent from RENTAMAX. For the most part, they are independent wealth managers and independent insurance brokers.

My access

How can I change my postal address?

To change your postal address (or any other personal information), go to “My account”, change the relevant fields, then click on “Save”.

I can’t log in although I have created an account. What should I do?

Once you had created the account, you received an automatic password by email. To connect, go to the “I log in” page and enter your email address and the password you received, making sure to use the right capital and small letters. Then click on “Connect”. You may also ask for a new password by using the “Have you forgotten your password?” feature. We recommend you replace the automatic password with a personal one. To do so, go to “Change the password” in the “My account” menu.

The features

Does a smartphone app exist?

Today, we do not have an app. To use RENTAMAX, today, you can only use the internet page app.rentamax.com. This page may also be accessed, of course, from your smartphone.

I made a mistake with my birthdate. How can I change it?

You can change all the parameters you want by using the “Back” feature. On the “Your investment proposal” page, you will see the “Change my parameters” feature in the column on the left or at the bottom of the page.

What does the “Edit the title” feature do?

It lets you give a personal title to your proposal so you can find it more easily in the list of proposals.

What is the “Copy” feature for?

It lets you create a duplicate of your proposal so you can modify it.
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